Meet Your IT Needs with Externally-Hosted Servers

Datacenter with two Cloud storage symols

You may not have a facility within San Diego that can comfortably house the servers, storage, and networks your company needs. You may need your biotech, pharmaceutical, or medical device company’s IT infrastructure to be kept elsewhere to conserve electricity and backup power. The current business trend is to get cloud services for applications and IT needs. However, you may not know which cloud services you need.

Cloud services include:

  1. Hosted Email
  2. Hosted Servers
  3. Hosted Intranets and Extranets
  4. Backups

Our Experienced Team Can Help You

With more than a combined 80 years of experience in San Diego’s life sciences IT industry, our team can help integrate cloud services into your company. You may need an inexpensive way to get your systems up and running. Using a remote server for your resources can provide easier access to your information. It will also simplify communications and secure your data from loss. Using a remote server provides what you need without compromising your budget.

Cloud services allow you to get up and running quickly. They include support and maintenance from the cloud services provider. Since you merely pay a subscription fee, you eliminate the need to invest in servers and software. So, cloud services will often cost less than in-house alternatives.

We’re Here to Support You

At Life Science IT, we provide our the highest quality of services in San Diego for a fair price that will work with your biotech, pharmaceutical, or medical device company’s budget. We guarantee the maintenance and reliability of your cloud services. We manage the IT, so you can take care of the science.

We will provide support and be available 24/7/365 to answer any questions you may have regarding your cloud services.

Call (858) 263-1228 or fill in the easy-to-use form and we will promptly respond.